Throughout the seasons, the simple and rustic landscape of Teshima entices visitors with the rich blessings of nature. The calm yet refreshing greenery, the singing of wild birds, rice fields filled with water, the vivid colors of local citrus, the stillness of the night, ears of rice swaying in the breeze, the crisp air of winter, and the stars that glisten in the sky –all such are one with the Seto Inland Sea that shows a different expression in each and every moment. 


It is interesting to stop by in various places on the way to the art facilities that are dotted throughout the island, such as seeing the rice, vegetables, and fruit that are grown with loving care, and engaging in conversation with the local residents. 

We offer bicycles at the accommodation, with which visitors can take a leisurely stroll around the island.

  • Mt. Danyama has a height of 340 meters above sea level, and in legend is also said to be the place in which the Buddhist monk Kobo-Daishi (Kukai) had trained. Walking up the steep mountainous path to its summit, visitors can enjoy 360-degree panoramic views overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. 

  • Olive trees were successfully grown for the first time in Japan around 1910, on the neighboring island of Shodoshima. The olive tree is a symbol of peace, and is also referred to as “the tree of the sun.” 

  • A forest located halfway on Mt. Danyama, where Castanopsis sieboldi, a species of broad-leaved trees of the beech family grow. The forest is home to some large trees presumed to be over 250 years old, and is a quiet and serene place where the tops of the trees cast beautiful shadows.

  • The lemons of Teshima are cultivated without the use of any agricultural chemicals, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, through an open-field method that follows the cycles of nature.  The trees flower almost all year round, beautifully blossoming throughout the island from the autumn to the early summer. 

There are also various events planned according to the seasons in which people not staying are also welcome to take part in, including planting and harvesting rice in the fields near the accommodation facility, and gathering vegetables from its own private garden.
Information on these events is regularly communicated via Facebook and Instagram.
We are also happy to provide assistance regarding guides of the island and activities. Please inform the staff at the time of reservation.


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